To present instruments and modern techniques for assessment of interest, foreign exchange and debt markets. Models for macroeconomic evaluation will be presented and discussed, as well as diverse relevant issues of the current economic conjuncture.


. Relevant economy advertisements
. Application to inflation goals model of the Brazilian Central Bank (BCB)
. Scenarios evaluation
. Scenarios for foreign exchange rates in Brazil
. Scenarios, business strategies and products
. Comparison with other emergent countries
. Control of inflation via monetary policy
. Definition of relevant macro relationships
. Foreign scenarios for the USA economy and other emergent ones
. Determination of currency exchange rate in a floating regime
. Strategies for operations involving interest, foreign exchange and foreign securities
. Premium evolution and comparison with other Latin ones
. Impact of foreign savings and volatility of capital flows
. Inflation targeting
. Relevant information for foreign exchange markets, interest and share markets
. SELIC rate and its impact on long and short rates
. Macroeconomic modeling for Brazil
. Overreaction of foreign exchange market and interest market
. Monetary policy with flexible foreign exchange rates
. Monetary policy and foreign exchange policy
. Risk premium in interest, foreign exchange and debt markets
. Prediction imbedded in the interest structure
. Macroeconomic projection for foreign exchange, interest and share markets
. Relationship between foreign exchange and interest
. Risks of each market
. Simulation of extreme scenarios
. Real foreign exchange rate and economic stabilization

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