1| Asset and liability management for pension funds
2| Asset management and asset allocation
3| Corporate risk management
4| Credit risk management
5| Credit score modeling for Brazil
6| Derivatives: options pricing, volatility, arbitrage and risk
7| Fixed income and interest rate option pricing
8| Fixed income risk modeling
9| Fundamentals of foreign exchange and interest rates
10| Hedging strategies with derivatives
11| Marking to market for securities in Brazil
12| Performance evaluation, risk, and mutual fund's selection
13| Risk management in compliance with 2972 and 2804 regulations
14| Volatility: modeling, risk management and arbitrage
Special courses

Our special courses are intended to train participants to use the most modern finance tools applied to our financial market. For this purpose, our instructors have an outstanding background, both academically (doctor’s degree) and practical.

Most of our courses are delivered with Excel spreadsheets and others systems as supporting tools, in modern equipment, for interaction and fast learning of finance mathematical models.

They are full-time, two-day courses in finance modeling especially applied to the Brazilian financial market. Modern techniques are presented, most of them supported by software tools, as well as theory and mathematical models applied to the Brazilian market and illustrated with practical cases.