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São Paulo, May 16 and 17, 2007 | Renaissance Hotel


The Brazilian Risk Management Meeting is the largest and most traditional meeting of experts in the risk area. It encompasses the several dimensions of risk: market, credit, operational, legal, and quantitative applications related to risk management. Since 2000, it is held over a two-day period, on the first semester of the year.


. Present modern risk management techniques and practices in Brazil.
. Present the most modern risk management systems.
. Assess risks in banks, investment funds, pension funds, and companies in general.
. Different economic scenarios for Brazil.
. Discuss problems related to risk management in Brazil.
. Interact with the leading Brazilian risk specialists.
. Credit risk models, credit derivatives, and portfolios with credit risk.
. The latest news in operational risk.
. Recent news to better manage your business’ risk.
. Lectures by authorities responsible for changes in the risk management area.
. Products and systems to reduce the risk management cost.
. Overview of what leading companies are doing in risk management.
. Overview of how pension funds and investment funds are managing their resources.


People responsible for risk management, derivatives operators, product managers, portfolio managers, financial directors, researchers, systems analysts, entrepreneurs, and other professionals interested in risk management and derivatives in general.


. An Indicator of Pension Fund Equilibrium
. Asset Liability Management
. Benchmarks for Hybrid Funds
. Brazilian Central Bank Regulation
. Corporate Governance Impact on Brazilian Corporations
. Corporate Risk
. Credit Portfolio Management
. Credit Risk and Default Probability
. Credit Score System Optimization
. Criterion For Internal Models
. Default Probability with Structural Models in Emerging Economies
. Drawdown Indicators for Risk Analysis
. Effect of Lower Interest Rates in Brazilian Pension Funds
. Extreme Risk in Mutual Funds
. Internal Control Implementation
. KMV Model Applied to Brazil
. Liquidity Risk Management and Contingence Policy
. Macroeconomic Risk
. Main Factors to Explain the Pension Funds Liability Increase
. Mutual Fund Risk
. New Bankruptcy Code
. New Methodologies for Asset-Liability Management
. Operational Risk
. Organizational Risk
. Pension Fund Risk
. Perspectives of Brazilian Rating Upgrading
. Potential Source of Liquidity Problems in Banks
. Practical Issues in Risk Model’s back testing
. Price Intervals for Market to Mark
. Raroc, Risk Management and Basel II
. Rating for Middle Market Companies
. Relation Among Operational, Market and Credit Risk
. Relevant Variables for Default Probability
. Risk in Pension Funds
. Risk Management Perspectives in Brazil
. Risk Models Suited Basel II Demands II in Brazil
. Risky Term Structure Fitting
. Sarbanes-Oxley Impact in Brazil
. Stress Testing Within Credit Risk+
. Use of Derivatives for FX Hedge