FCE started its activities in 1999 with a group of finance researchers and experts. The company’s objective is to develop and to adjust modern finance models to the Brazilian market, covering the areas of investments, derivatives, (market, credit, and corporate) risks, in order to value and to leverage its clients’ assets, as well as to minimize risks for its clients. This development is delivered through courses, conferences, publications, systems, and consulting services.

For all of our training programs, we are especially careful in selecting our instructors among professionals who conjugate knowledge and practical experience with a robust academic background. Infrastructure also receives our special attention, so that modern facilities and equipment can provide participants with an environment that stimulate learning at its best. At the end of each training program we conduct an evaluation aimed at our own self-improvement, for attaining excellence in serving our clients.

Located in Rio de Janeiro, on Praia do Flamengo 66, our office is near the financial center of the city, but away from the turbulence that characterizes the region.