FCE - School of finance

FCE is a traditional school of finance in Brazil focused on practical courses for the financial market. We began our activities in 1999 with a group of researchers and finance experts.
We aims to develop and adapt modern finance models in the areas of investment, derivatives, fixed income, risks (market, credit, corporate).

Since 1999, we have offered fixed income courses, variable income, derivatives, investment funds, and several others focusing on practical quantitative issues and applications to the Brazilian financial market. With more than 20,000 students from various institutions linked to the financial market in face-to-face courses.

Now all content is also offered live or online!

In the last 20 years we have trained numerous financial professionals, researchers and government departments throughout Brazil. Our courses are adapted to meet the needs of our customers. Our courses help companies master the discipline of finance, improve their practices, become more efficient and, most importantly, inspire and motivate their employees. Our goal is to help develop people’s knowledge, skills, skills and knowledge. We implement the best practices of professional training that privilege innovation, efficiency and quality oriented to the needs of our customers. Our mission is carried out by our team of expert professionals, who share their knowledge and know-how acquired over years of working in leading organizations around the world.

Our headquarter is located in Rio de Janeiro, on Praia do Flamengo 66, our office is near the financial center of the city, but away from the turbulence that characterizes the region.

What we offer

We offer courses in portuguese that address practical and applied issues to the brazilian financial market. Real world in practical examples. Practical cases are treated using excel spreadsheet accompanied by modern finance theory. All this knowledge is delivered in the form of short courses, special courses, courses for certification, certification and events.

we offer mini-courses with a quick content for a very specific application, special courses with deeper and more comprehensive content and courses for certifications.

How we teach


In this face-to-face format, in addition to online content, the participant interacts in the classroom with the teacher on a day and pre-established time.


The participant has access to the same online content and also to the course teacher in classes with pre-established schedules.


The participant has access to theoretical material, excel spreadsheets, FCE partner data platform and exclusive exercises. After the studies and being approved in the tests with 80% of achievement receives a certificate.


Praia do Flamengo 66 / 1606 – CEP 22210-903
Rio de Janeiro – BRAZIL

General inquiries contato@fce.com.br
Tel: 55 21 2557 9284